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When you are titty-fucking a woman and accidentailly poop on her chest.
I was having a great night with my girlfriend until I accidentially went Joey Howard on her.
by Mike Honcho FS May 07, 2010
A common phrase among bathroom attendants at strip clubs referring to improving a patron's overall aroma via a healthy squirt of Drakkar Noir or CK One.
"remember son ... No Spray No Lay ... and remember to drop that ducket in the dish"
by Mike Honcho FS May 08, 2010
a poop so stinky that it infiltrates the dry wall. Similar to how the smell of curry lingers in the kitchens of Indian families.
I'm not sure what you ate last night, but we'll probably have to move after you dropped that Curry Bomb upstairs.
by Mike Honcho FS May 08, 2010
The action required after a particularly juice fart to confirm or rule out the presence of fecal matter in one's drawers.
"Damn Tony, after that fart you might want to consider a test wipe".
by Mike Honcho FS May 08, 2010

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