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1. The female genitalia, i.e. the vulva or pudendum.
2. A piece o' cunt.
"Mama's silk purse looks like it's leaking about this time of the month."
by Mike Hawk, Esquire March 18, 2003
1. (Proper Name) A sexual position in which a man defacates upon a woman's breasts. He then lightly sprinkles pubic hair upon his feces and proceeds to simulate intercourse between her breasts.
2. A guy shits on his bitch's tits and then he puts some pubes on them and titty-fucks her.
"Oh, Elizabeth, you'll never guess! George gave me the Hairy Taco last night and it was absolutely divine!"
"Well, officer, Tyrone tried to give me the Hairy Taco and I axed him to quit 'cause I ain't into that shit and he didn't so I be all pissed and had to shoot 'im."
by Mike Hawk, Esquire March 18, 2003
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