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The act of being so incredibly drunk that you would probably run up and down the streets naked and have no fucking clue what happened the night before when you woke up the next morning.
Holy shit bro, I've never gotten so shitfaced before in my life.
by Mike Hansen June 20, 2004
A person who fucks retards.
Yo, dude! You see that kid over there?! Haha, he's such a retard fucker!
by Mike Hansen June 20, 2004
This is the term used when a child is trying to get on a good sports team, and the mother fucks all the coaches so he will get on.
Whoa, you see lady? She's such a coach fucker, that's why little Billy is on the all-star team.
by Mike Hansen June 21, 2004
The place where people don't know if it is something or not something
Bob said: If I cut myself, is it illegal?

Rob said: Well, I don't know Bob. That's sort of a gray area, haha.
by Mike Hansen June 19, 2004

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