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Lolerplane - derived from lolerskates or roflcopter. to express something funny or not funny (sarcasm)
Person 1 - Punchline - Turns out she was a GUY!
Person 2 - LOLERPLANE!

Person 1 - So my mum died...
Person 2 - Lolerplane, how?
by Mike Gray April 03, 2007
Lack of Interest - i.e if something isn't funny or interesting. could be lol for lack of laughter.
Derived from lol but due to overuse loi is to show when something clearly isn't funny.
Person 1 - lol check out this link "blah blah blah dot com"
Person 2 - Loi. /Or Lol (lack of laughter)

Person 1 - Haha did you see such and such tonight, PMSL!!!!
Person 2 - No n00b LOI!
by Mike Gray April 03, 2007
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