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The first easy-to-use programming language made in the 1960s when Microcomputers made their debut. A very easy language to grasp. The language practically paths out commands for a computer to do. It is very capable of performing mathematics which are the main basis for Microprocessing.
Print "Hello world!"
goto start
"Result - "Hello world" being typed on the screen in an infinite loop"
by Mike Gowland July 29, 2004
Dark Basic, or DB is a programming language based on the original BASIC language and is very recent. The programming language has good capabilities to be able to create 3 dimensional objects and can code entire games.
I just got Dark Basic :)
by Mike Gowland July 29, 2004
It's meee! :D If anyone asks, it is not a clan name. It's simply Sargent Snacks. Lets get one thing clear here. SGT_Snacks was made about 3 years ago by me. And I begun using it as my alias about 1 year ago. It was a result of being bored shit in school.
Player was killed by SGT_Snacks
If I joined a clan, it would result as (]H4X0R5SGT_Snacks)

The modern term is SGT_Snax

I'm so fucking bored! :(
by Mike Gowland July 14, 2004
See Dark Basic A programming language used on Computers to make 3d objects
I just got Dark Basic :D
by Mike Gowland July 29, 2004
A leecher is someone who attends a LAN Party and downloads files from fellow friends. Nothing wrong with it. Just it can cause unwanted LAG while in games.
Hey, this guys leeching off me, the bugger...
by Mike Gowland July 19, 2004
When a piece of human turn *pokes it's head out of the rectum and slides back in for cover. As seen in a solider at war.
Sitting on the toilet after a night on the potatos
by Mike Gowland February 08, 2004

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