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also spelled Ougatz. Means nothing, nada.
"My house? not in my name. My car? not in my name. my bank accounts? not in my name. you know what you got on me? oogatz."- from the movie 54
by Mike Goulis March 11, 2008
Pronoucnced noosh olsen. Cheers!, Bon Apetit, or Buen Provecho; to be said to someone before eating eating or drink and especially before a group takes a shot.

Also, can be shortened to nush and is then a command for eat or drink. Frequently put into phrases such as "nush on that" or "nush it up" Also can be used for smoking a cigarette.
dinner is served a guy gets up and says "nush olsun everyone!"

"We have beer if you want to nush on one"

"here's an apple, nush it up."

"want to nush (on) a cigarette?"
by Mike Goulis March 11, 2008
barter or trade- Bazaar style.

Can also mean fair business or hand over fist dealings "this is fair"= "This is dushanbe"

Taken from capital of former Soviet State Tajikstan's.

Opposite of dushanbe style is mongol or mongol style, meaning not to purchase but rip off

negotiations can also be labeled "the state of dushanbe" or "this is dushanbe"
we went dushanbe, xbox for the Wi.

This is Dushanbe, dont try to go all mongol on me.
by Mike Goulis February 05, 2009
physically attractive or appealing, cool, nice.
"That's a gashenk t-shirt"

"There's gonna be a lot of gashenk girls at the club tonight"
by Mike Goulis March 11, 2008
or quite simply, "to go buffalo" or "do it buffalo (style)" means consume everything for all its uses and waste nothing.

Taken from Native American tradition of using every part of Buffalo after killing it.

No relation to city in NY, wings, etc.
"Wasnt that someone else's beer?"
"Yeah well they left it and I bought the beer so I'm going buffalo style and not letting any go to waste."

"You're taking a doggy bag home from this wedding?"

"I grew up poor so i hate to waste food- i live buffalo style"
by Mike Goulis February 05, 2009

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