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synonym for "thing" and "buisiness"
pronounced "thug-thizzle-muh-jigga-dale"
Man 1: Hey man, wuhcha "what are you doing" doin'.
Man 2: Aww, nothin' man, jus' doin my THUGTHIZZLEMAJIGGADALE.
by Mike G. AKA atlnino July 18, 2006
A "obese" person that can run a 5sec 4Oyard sprint, a 8 minute mile, or can jump 30 inches or higher.
Man 1:Wow, that fat guy just robbed the supermarket!
Man 2:Where is he, where did he go?
Man 1:MAN!, he ran fast as hell! Yo, I think he was a thunderchunky.
by Mike G. AKA atlnino July 18, 2006

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