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3 definitions by Mike Farnworth

I drank two pints of vodka last night, I was absolutely wankered.
by Mike Farnworth May 05, 2003
100 29
The event of three or more men stood in a small group doing nothing useful.

Also see Man Tangle.
A shop manager sees three of his staff talking, and generally being completely useless and asks for them to split up. "Gentlemen, we seem to have formed a man jumble, could you please disperse?"
by Mike Farnworth February 14, 2006
8 2
A rare event in which three or more men become tangled, or stuck together.

Also see Man Jumble
Downhill mountain bikers crashing and getting stuck, with their bikes together, thus creating a Man Tangle.
by Mike Farnworth February 14, 2006
8 4