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5 definitions by Mike Davis III

Process by which expelling fudgies from your anus. AKA Shitting.
Guy 1: Aw d00d i think i gotta do some brown deeds!
Guy 2: make sure you wipe your ass
by Mike davis III October 06, 2005
Babies that are tender; or plump. Taste best either deep fried or baked.
Caution: Over-baking causes loss of fat. Babies may become dry and the source of protein will be lost. So be careful!
Guy 1: Hey man, whats for dinner?
Guy 2: Shake n' bake'n some tender babies!
Guy 1: Sweet man don't over-cook them. I need my protein.
by Mike Davis III October 17, 2005
Another way of saying 'Huang He River.' River loacted in China. Wang-Hee pronounced because of the hilarious name. River also called the 'Yellow River.'
Ms. Hee: The Huang He River was an important part of China.
by Mike Davis III October 20, 2005
the process by which expelling lemonade from your bean stalk
aka pissing/urinating
Guy 1: I'll be right back. I feel I must take care of these yellow deeds that are making me uncomfortable.
Guy 2: Alright. But you better aim carefully because I just washed my white toilet.
by Mike Davis III February 06, 2006
A combo of the three words "Can I have..."
Usually heard in public schools from annoying kids constantly asking you for something.
Billy: Hey, Joe, cive a piece of gum?
Joe: No, fuck you.
by Mike davis III March 02, 2007