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A way to change the subject when your confused, misinformed or the subject is just plain stupid. This was created by ME, M.C.W no one else, especially Tyler!!!

Unrelated Note - Phrase derived from NASCAR..

Heres the story: My dads was watching NASCAR, his favorite Sunday activity, when i happened to walk into the room and noticed one of the cars was sponsored by Cheerios. However the story gets interesting when i noticed the back of the car which was branded with a Betty Crocker logo, a company which produces cake and cake related paraphernalia <<<(linked for dumb people who dont know big words). Hence my hilarious phrase "Cheerios is not cake!"
Tyler: Its illegal to kill a monkey if hes wearing people clothes

Mike: Cheerios is not cake...

Tyler: what?

Mike: You heard me!
by Mike Charles Williams April 10, 2008

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