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The act of expelling one's semen into a drink served on ice with added cola.

NOTE* not recommended for diet sodas

Dude, heather and i were playing pong with rum and coke and i totally slipped her the cum and coke. She didn't even see it cumming!
by Mike Carini March 17, 2009
The act of getting in a fight with your girlfriend and when she wants make-up sex, you deny her by keeping the status quo.
Ben: Dude, Chase and I got in a huge fucken fight and i totally gave her the jon voight. She was pissed.
by Mike Carini March 01, 2009
It is the act of lubricating a condom with soy sauce before vaginal intercourse followed by the man (asian or caucasion decent) going down on said woman for exquisite taste.
Tai: Dude, I totally pulled the chinese smuggler on Chuane-Mu, it was epic.
by Mike Carini March 05, 2009
The act of pushing back the foreskin of an uncircumcized penis and throwing said dick into the belly button of a larger proportioned woman, as if you are rereleasing an animal back into the wild.
I made an amateur porn the other night in my bedroom with sarah and did the wombat...too bad man vs. wild is already a show title.
by Mike Carini March 23, 2009
When someone not of Mexican heritage attempts to pull off a mustache but epically fails and just looks stupid.

It can also be if a person is just too damn lazy to shave, but lets all facial hair grow out along with the stache. If this is the case, it may be acceptable.
Dude i totally had the dirty today and my mom asked me if my name was Pedro.
by Mike Carini April 09, 2009
when a man, usually one whom likes safaris, puts the front of his hair into a spike with intense hair gel or rubber cement. He then proceeds to go down a woman and stimulates the clit with the said spike.
Jamal: dude I went down on sheniqua yesterday and busted out the rhino. TORE that bitch up.
by Mike Carini March 23, 2009
It is an erotic sex position commonly used by necrophiliac marine biologists where the man and woman lie on a bed (with a headboard with bars) with the woman positioned on top of the man with both parties facing the ceiling. The woman tightly grasps her legs around the man's buttocks and the couple then grasps the bars of the headboard. From the top view, it should appear as the body of a squid with the arms of the man will correspond to the arms of a squid.
NOTE: Vaginal use recommended to produce a fish-like smell like that of a squid.
Man, Heather and I tried the squid, and wow, it was so erotic I had a craving for seafood as if her love cup wasn't enough.
by Mike Carini January 12, 2009

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