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A really awesome song that everybody loves and sings in unison, all the time.
Yo man listen to this sweet Fat Dink

"Do the daaannnccee"
"Eat some aannnntttss"
"Put on a new pair a ppaaannnttsss"
"Joust wit a laaannncceee"
"Theres a 100% chhaaannnccee"
"That ima do a daaannncccee"
by Mike Bruss January 07, 2008
Someone who bites the other persons lip while hooking up.
Mike: Did u hear what happened wit harrison and claudia last night at allisons? they were hooking up and harrison bit her lip and there was blood everywhere.
Addison: Haha, wat a jaws
by Mike Bruss January 07, 2008

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