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As opposed to the term "alcoholic" which carries a negative connotation. It seems like every activity or substance in America that is even somewhat fun must be bad. Therefore if you partake in it more than the majority of people do, you must have a problem. And I'm not buying that whole "disease" argument so don't even try. Some people handle their business and some don't, whether they drink or not.
I like to drink and tend to get drunk more than the next fellow. But I still maintain a job and keep up on my bills. Therefore, I'm a heavy drinker.

Ol' homebum over there in the alley who blacked out last night and woke up in the gutter, there's your example of an alcoholic. Maybe a crackhead too.
by Mike Anarch March 08, 2006
One who wants to have their cake and eat it too. This person does not necessarily have to be rich to fall into this category. It is reserved for whiney people that can't make up their minds or understand why "life has to be so hard".
Cake eater: "Why am I so unhappy? I just don't know what I want, why does life have to be so hard?"

Realistic person: "Grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for your life you fucking cake eater!"
by Mike Anarch March 03, 2006
The dumbest way to refer to northern California. Usually heard from the lips of spoiled ass college folk. Also a horrible line of clothing worn by the same worthless trash described in the prior sentence.
UCSC student: "(wearing a fucking Nor Cal sweatshirt/t-shirt/hat)"
Me: "Santa Cruz insn't even northern California you fucking idiot - try central coast."
by Mike Anarch September 22, 2005

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