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An alternative insult for gay people wat dont spell gud.
Mike: Dude, who's your gay little friend in the special needs group?
Jeffro: Hey, that's my knob jockie!
Mike: Don't you mean 'Jockey', you ignornant Hom-boy?
Jeffro: Oh yeah.
by Mike Ambrose January 28, 2006
A female, often fallen from the ugly tree, found in a late night food establishment. Gagging for it.

Having failed to pull all night, even having been unsuccessful in the quest for a ten-to-two bird, Jeffro saw that a kebab shop bird really had become the holy grail. Whilst in the queue for a dirty burger, Jeffro pulled a fat ginger bird with chilli sauce dribbling down her chin.
by Mike Ambrose January 21, 2006
The burp that results from consuming far too much duck.
Standing at the bar in Po Na Na's Stella told Mike she'd leave him if he durked in her face again!
by Mike Ambrose February 03, 2009
A squeaking, small, tasmanian-devil type creature, emanating from deepest, darkest France. Has astonishing energy levels, but struggles to understand sexual terminology.
My crépes were delicious, but when i suggested a bit of a quick fondle, Paris looked bemused.
by Mike Ambrose February 03, 2009

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