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A rule which states that any mention made on an automotive forum (Such as RX7Club.com) of a female known to the user shall be confirmed by the user posting pictures of said female. The rule only applies when another user has called "Manlaw" or made other such inference to this rule. The original user has 24 hours to post pictures to the same thread, or if the original thread is locked, a new thread with the topic "Manlaw Compliance." The photos posted for compliance must confirm the facts stated by the user or the users personal relation with the female. If Manlaw is not complied with, the user shall be subject to the discipline handed out by a duly appointed moderator of the forum, no less than a 1 day ban from the forums.

-If the female in question is under 18 years old.
-If the female in question is deceased.
-If the female is a celebrity, Manlaw need not be complied with, as there is Google.
-A pass may be granted by any duly appointed moderator of the forum based on the plea of the original user. This should only be used in extreme circumstances, and any other moderator has the authority to override the original moderators grant of an exemption.

Exemption to the exemptions:
-If information contained in any posts by the user prior to his claim of an exemption contradicts the user's request for an exemption, Manlaw must be obeyed.
Example One:
User 1: I know this totally hot chick with a FD.
User 2: Manlaw must be obeyed.
User 1: *Posts Pictures of said girl*
User 2: Nice.

Example Two:
User 1: I know this totally hot chick with a FD.
User 2: Manlaw must be obeyed.
User 1: She's undergoing cancer treatments, she's ugly now.
User 2: So post pics from before that.
(User 1 does not comply)
Moderator: BANHAMMER!
by Mike 240SX April 08, 2012
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