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A serious lawful offence, involving theft.
Dude I got 28 years for 6 counts of larceny.
by Mike "White Man" Jaworski April 29, 2006
a person who is part white, part asian. This could also be referred to as a wasian.
Andrew Lee is white mixed with asian. One of his parents is white, one is asian.
by Mike "White Man" Jaworski April 22, 2006
What you say to an asian or wasian. But never say it to a black man.
Black Guy: Nobody likes your small balls!

Asian: Reave me arone!
by Mike "White Man" Jaworski April 18, 2006
When someone is down in the snow and you kick snow in their face.
Mark's Mom: So, Mark, how was your day at school?

Mark: Well, it was pretty good, except when Michael gave me a snow job at recess.
by Mike "White Man" Jaworski April 28, 2006
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