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1 definition by Mike "Vanilla" Ice

Devon Prep is a school I once attended in Devon, PA. I came there from public school durin g sixth grade and transferred out this year during eigth grade.

I came from public school. At first the school seemed great. However, eventually the annoying uniforms and racist kids at the school wore me down over time. They were incomprehensibly more rude and socially backwards than anyone at public schools. They were 100 times more immature than anyone I had ever met at public school. They never were in short supply of a racial slur or sexual joke. Each time they met a girl they talked about it for hours as if a nuclear bomb had just gone off.

As for their relationship with Malvern Prep, I really rolled my eyes at my classmates' stupidity. We viewed them as sports "rivals" despite the fact that we lost to them in nearly every single sport every time. (By alot.) Malvern, however, it seems is not much better since it is basically all boys with also uniforms, however I do have to credit it since it has a great sports complex and its athletic teams are really good, genrally. The teachers at Devon were worse than in public school.

And if you think, god fobid, that I am another Malvern kid here to slam Devon, trust me. Lol I have nothing to do with their rivalry and nothing to gain from it. This is a public school kid's viewing, honest and nothing else from someone who was in the school.

The only reason for all of the immature gay slurs going back between Malvern and Devon is the fact that the two schools are all boys. Therefore, the social enviornment that exists is basically one where everyone is soccially insecure and there is a constant inquisition to root out and find out whos gay, so that you yourself are not accused and therefore socially tarnsihed when in fact no one is gay and more could be accomplished by simply being friends and working together positively.

As for those at Devon, peace out and I'm doing great back at public school.
Lol this is actually true no joke.
A couple Devon kids talked to a couple of Devon girls for a few minutes at a meusem on the seventh grade trip last year.
Devon kid: Omg, she was totally going to hook up with me.
Me: Guys, you barely even talked to them. You are never going to see them again.
(Devon kids ignore me and continue to talk about it for the next 24 hours.)
True example of Devon Prep behavior,
by Mike "Vanilla" Ice November 25, 2006