103 definitions by Mike hunt

someone who licks salty nuts
dude...i wouldnt wanna be a nutlick, u shouldnt do that shit
by mike hunt November 17, 2003
To infer as one's job the task of bringing a woman to an eternal orgasm and then sipping her fluids with a straw.
That was some fish tasting hard lickin' pussy eatin'.
by Mike Hunt February 27, 2004
Word invented for stupid purposes
"skiddy cracker, crutch, crutch, ya mum!"
by Mike Hunt October 17, 2003
a black, mexican, white person who tries to act all three
cody, conner and blake
by Mike Hunt July 04, 2003
firsr sergeants use for the word ass
im gonna kick you in your fartbox and i dont give a flying rats fartbox
by mike hunt May 01, 2003
a man (or boy) who is fat or over weight
that guy is robese, lets run before he eats us
by Mike Hunt January 05, 2003
slitty-eyed before the sexwee came
by mike hunt August 19, 2003

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