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103 definitions by Mike hunt

1. One who is a bitch with a big ass and a motherfucker.

2. One who is quite annoying, no other word is as good to describe them
That dude over there is acting like one crazy bitchassmofo.
by Mike Hunt January 14, 2003
the greatest manga that has ever existed.
"Hello thar, Phil! did you buy the latest volume of Sup!? I hear Sup proposed to V-chan!"
by Mike Hunt February 05, 2005
A noob(See. Noob) that is usually found in a Admin federation(See. Admin Federation) servers. He is a good counter-strike player, he constantly pwns people(see PWNED) But he acts like a dill weed(See. Dill Weed)
Silent Death is the biggest noob ever.
by Mike Hunt January 18, 2005
someone who licks salty nuts
dude...i wouldnt wanna be a nutlick, u shouldnt do that shit
by mike hunt November 17, 2003
A Homosexual fish that enjoys felching
Hey, look at that karl stebral over there felching!
by Mike Hunt November 07, 2003
a female who is worthy of stabning one's cock into.
John: "Hey look at that bitch over there."
Me: "Oh yea she's bonerable!"
by mike hunt October 26, 2003
slang for the method of growing sleeping quarters for a baby that is due in nine months time.
Don't buy that bed I'll grocott
by Mike Hunt March 07, 2005