103 definitions by Mike hunt

1. One who is a bitch with a big ass and a motherfucker.

2. One who is quite annoying, no other word is as good to describe them
That dude over there is acting like one crazy bitchassmofo.
by Mike Hunt January 14, 2003
A barking pig, is someone or something that changes the world for the better. The do not go along with the norm, and they won't let the world tell them how do act, what they can and can't do. Itis someone who sets the tone, isn't afraid to show emotion, and is a star.
Norman was the Barking Pig in Cinderella.
by Mike Hunt October 03, 2004
A term used in risk when someone loses both of their armies in a dice roll.
Two sixes! Double pwned noob!
by Mike Hunt November 11, 2003
The act of making every detail of your existence known to the entire internet via AIM 'away messages'
I almost forgot to megaho about how I'm about to go get a shirt out of my closet and how inconvenient that will be.
by Mike Hunt September 04, 2003
Someone who is specal ed, and special. fucktard, special, retard
Sarah was so spedal after she knocked back a couple rum and cokes in Mexico.
by Mike Hunt October 03, 2004
sticking a paint brush up your anus then then painting somones face with a poo like substance
mary told chris she really wanted a divinci so that night he stuck the brush up his ass and gave her one
by mike hunt March 15, 2004
1 One who regurgitates on their own leg and keeps at least 500 pounds of debris in their car.
Megaho can use some of the trash from her car to clean the puke off of her leg.
by Mike Hunt September 04, 2003
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