103 definitions by Mike hunt

a huge turd
Man when we stopped for gas I left a real yut bomb in the bathroom
by Mike Hunt March 04, 2004
A very smelly kid with good intentions yet no style.
We should set bovay on fire.
by Mike Hunt October 07, 2003
in search of a design consultant. Usually before a date.
i got a straight eye for the queer guy
by mike hunt October 02, 2003
It has no meaning, it just sounds ever so Nazi-like and evil
Ooh shnit-me shmytin Lakal
by Mike Hunt February 03, 2004
Tunging of the bung
Rimjob....Chuck licks butts.....
by Mike Hunt November 15, 2003
a gathering of laughter
Welcome to n@rbys clownhut

No AWP d00ds!
by Mike Hunt February 13, 2003
Also in some South American indian tribes it Stek is also known as the lips of a womens vagina that has elephantitis of the vagina.
Wow, Alexs mother has stek lips.
You stupid stek!
by Mike Hunt March 02, 2005

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