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103 definitions by Mike hunt

CHAV - simple as, nothing else needs to be said, end of, full stop.
"look at the geezer with his nike shox and his trakkie bottoms tucked into his socks, what a wees"

(only joking wees)
by mike hunt December 16, 2004
8 5
The most amazing, outstanding, nifty, stupendous, super cool person ever to walk the face of the earth. This person's coolness is beyond explanation. If his coolness were measured in heat, it would be hotter than the sun itself.
That guy is totally fr0q, man!
by Mike Hunt March 25, 2004
5 2
in search of a design consultant. Usually before a date.
i got a straight eye for the queer guy
by mike hunt October 02, 2003
15 12
It has no meaning, it just sounds ever so Nazi-like and evil
Ooh shnit-me shmytin Lakal
by Mike Hunt February 03, 2004
7 5
Tunging of the bung
Rimjob....Chuck licks butts.....
by Mike Hunt November 15, 2003
10 8
A very smelly kid with good intentions yet no style.
We should set bovay on fire.
by Mike Hunt October 07, 2003
6 4
a gathering of laughter
Welcome to n@rbys clownhut

No AWP d00ds!
by Mike Hunt February 13, 2003
5 3