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A phrase said when something extremely good happens.
That was so Woosha!
by Mike Hunt December 13, 2003
A barking pig is someone or something that changes the world for the better. The do not go along with the norm, and they won't let the world tell them how do act, what they can and can't do. Itis someone who sets the tone, isn't afraid to show emotion, and is a star.
Norman is the Barking Pig in Cinderella.
by Mike Hunt October 03, 2004
a swift blow from the foot to the twat
"Damn, you just got koochie kicked!"
by Mike Hunt May 27, 2003
tea bagging your woman after running a mile.
I'm gonna hit the gym, then I'm hot bagging the old lady.
by Mike Hunt June 14, 2006
comes from the word "kindling," which means "easily combustible material for starting a fire," according to Merriam-Websters Dictionary. Can also be said as just BLANG, being thrown into any random conversation to mean whatever you choose. When pronouncing krem-blang, make sure to put a lot of extra emphasis on the "blang."
Example 1
person 1: Could you go collect some kindling for the fire?
person 2: krem-blang?
person 1: no, kindling.
person 2: That's what i said, krem-blang.

Example 2
person 1: that song is off the hook mane, BLANG!
person 2: yeah blang, I blang love blang that blang song blang!
person 1: Blang.
by Mike Hunt March 15, 2005
the act of a girl giving one head while one rides her down the stairs forcing the head to move in a pleasing motion violently to bring instant oral gratification
your mother gives a great tobagon
by mike hunt December 31, 2004
The most amazing, outstanding, nifty, stupendous, super cool person ever to walk the face of the earth. This person's coolness is beyond explanation. If his coolness were measured in heat, it would be hotter than the sun itself.
That guy is totally fr0q, man!
by Mike Hunt March 25, 2004

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