103 definitions by Mike hunt

a frozen peice of shit in the shape of a penis. Used to stick in your "vagina" or "anus".
My friend has 12 inch logs, so i got him to shit and i froze it and i put it in my ass.Yummy.pirate dildo.
by mike hunt April 18, 2004
Derogative slang for a native American.
Did you see all those yuts when were were at the casino? Of course the place was full of yuts, we were on a reservation dumbass.
by Mike Hunt March 04, 2004
small town were it smells like shit. All u can do is get laid and smoke weed. Mostly consumed of mexicans.This is a ghetto place
Delhi is so small. Big as Denair. Screw Delhi.
by Mike Hunt October 09, 2004
myspace is an amazing website where ANYONE can find sombody to talk to also 75% of the girls on there are whores
myspace.com rocks
by mike hunt February 16, 2005
the process of being shot in the eye with a male orgasm
sarah gollub's eye hurts due to the fact that i brutally optical fertilized her
by mike hunt December 01, 2003
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