103 definitions by Mike hunt

to fall asleep
"Don't kip on my couch"
a funny name for someone
"God damn you're a kipper"
to eat shit
"Did you see that dude kip on his skateboard"
This is a very versatile word that can be used in almost as many ways as fuck. Just put your mind to it and I'm sure you'll find your own way to use it, you kipper!
by Mike Hunt April 30, 2003
Penn Charter Is A School For Queers And There Are A Lot Of Bi's and Gays Here Too. Very Diverse I'd Say. JC Gembala Also Attends This School So You Know It's The Cool Place To Be At. RL Polo And Collar Popping Is All The Rage Here. Tutition Is Also Around 20 G's A Year And It's Well Worth It To Be With JC!
Yo, I Go To This Very Diverse School Called Penn Charter. It's Falling Apart And For My 20 G's A Year, That Goes Towards Paying Off All The Strippers, Hos and Drug Dealas Of Mr. Moulton and Mr. Bell.
by Mike Hunt April 21, 2005
an old wrinkly saggy titted nigger
usually horible driver and smokes more crack than her fuckin grandchildren
but she can whip up a nice batch of chicken and collergreens
that aunt jemima just cut me off while smokin her pipe lets notify the KKK
by mike hunt December 31, 2004
a small, hairy squaking fruit
drew is a kiwi, josh's mom is a kiwi
by mike hunt September 29, 2003
Simon Aiken
Simon says: he likes to smell his balls and he likes to drink his ball sweat
by Mike Hunt April 30, 2003
malcom x was a tenacious fighter for human rights. he fought for the rights of colored folk alike. he sure paved the way for the dark skins.
thanks malcom x, for bailing my ass outta prison after that salad tossing episode in the back of your moms expedition with my skirt on
by Mike Hunt February 21, 2005
1: crotch-like; especially in action, speech, or thought
2: being a self-centered asshole
that guy sure is crotchy today. what a jerk.
by mike hunt January 06, 2004

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