21 definitions by Mike Payne

A small fish used as live bait. Also known as a minnow.
Jason went down to the creek to catch some minners.
by Mike Payne March 05, 2008
The redneck method for making any type of wine, beer, or liquor.
Jason had to stop at a convenient store on his way to work to pick up some roadies because his wife dumped the beer out of his thermos and his homemade wine didn't fermitate yet.
by Mike Payne May 21, 2008
An excuse for getting caught cheating
When Jason came home at 5 a.m. and his wife wanted to smell his privates, he told her he was storing tuna.
by Mike Payne March 11, 2008
Slang term for vagina.
Jason pulled over and offered to help a woman whose car broke down. After staring down her shirt the whole time she was checking the oil, he said "It looks like there's a problem with your womb socket. I ain't no mechanic, but I'd sure be happy to take a look."
by Mike Payne May 05, 2008
When a woman is so bitchy you want to smash her face in the couch cushion and press as hard as you can while slam fucking her in the ass as hard as possible
When Sandra gave Jason the cold shoulder, he knew she was definitely a cushion burner.
by Mike Payne June 11, 2008
The word that is yelled when 2 guys are double-teaming a girl and they decide to change places.
When Jason and Joey got bored with Connie, they gave each other a hive five and yelled "Switch!"
by Mike Payne March 06, 2008
emo kids have long hair that cover their eye and face. they wear thick eye liner because they think it makes them look dark and deep. They wear disgustingly tight clothing because emo is one step below transvestite. Emo kids listen to emo music, in which the singer bitches about his shitty life and lost love, and they play the same shitty guitar chord progressions in every single song. emo kids are total and complete flaming homosexuals like the famous butt fucker mike payne. Nobody ever moves or dances at an emo show, they just stand on their and observe. emo kids have no real problems in life but they love to pretend like they do. they sit in the dark all day and cut themselves and then cry themselves to sleep at night. Nobody likes emo kids becuase they are incredibly annoying and they are complete faggots who have no soul and dont deserve to live.
look at those tight jeans and gay hair... that kid is so emo.
by mike payne May 29, 2006

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