21 definitions by Mike Payne

When the classic switch is performed by two members of the same family.
When Adam and his father Harry were double teaming Debbie and they performed the family switch, Adam noted that she did not have to travel to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower.
by Mike Payne March 06, 2008
Leasing a goat for a giving period of time for the purpose of clearing an area of land.
The manager at the goat rental store suspected that Jason was lying about his rental goat running away when she saw the barbecue sauce stains all over his shirt.
by Mike Payne March 24, 2008
Repairing the crotch area of your pants with a stapler while wearing them.
Jason attempted to sit indian-style three times before he ripped a hole in his pants and spent the afternoon staplin'.
by Mike Payne March 24, 2008
A highly-potent, silent-but-deadly fart that is allowed to escape in the workplace.
We thought Laurie's face was bright red because she had been fake-tanning again. However, upon stepping out into the front of the office it was apparent that Jason delivered another old squeaker.
by Mike Payne May 02, 2008
When your computer has trouble connecting to the Internet
After checking the modem, the router, and all of the cable connections, Jason decided that his computer was just DNSing.
by Mike Payne March 11, 2008
The sport killing of farm animals with a hunting rifle.
After downing a sixer of Budweiser on an empty stomach, Jason hopped his neighbor's fence to do some farm huntin'
by Mike Payne March 14, 2008
When a dude carries around a hammer in his pocket to give the impression that he has a perpetual erection.
When Jason pulled out his banana hammer, all Zee could say was "Wowwwww".
by Mike Payne March 05, 2008

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