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The hatred of homosexuals. To be used in place of homophobia (meaning irrational fear of homosexuals), which is not always an accurate word to use to describe how some people feel about homosexuals.
A lot of college students display shameless homo-misanthropy. They should know better, but they don't.
by Mike McNulty April 13, 2005
Exclamation of disgust upon smelling a foul odor. Pronounced like "paw", but the ending is more dragged out and gutteral.
Paugh! that bathroom reeks!
by Mike McNulty October 12, 2005
A foolish, silly, stupid or unreasonable person. May be used affectionately.

Drawn from a combination of the real meaning of dilly, and the Dairy Queen treat, the Dilly Bar.
My neighbour locks his bike indoors...what a dilly bar!
by Mike McNulty April 13, 2005
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