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See "Heeljob" and also "Shoe Job" and "Shoejob"

Masturbation of one person (usually male) by another (usually female but also a transvestite or transsexual male) by sole use of the feet clad in high-heeled shoes, boots (see also "kinky boots" and "fm boots"), slides/mules, clogs, or sandals. The heels can also be "kitten heels" as well as true "high heels" which can range from 2.5 to 6 inches without "platform soles" or as high as 9 inches or more with 4 inch thick/high or more "platform soles" (see also "platforms"). The heel can be any type from "wedge" (see also "wedges") to a "stiletto heel" (sometimes called "spike heels") with all thicknesses in between as in so called "hooker boots".
She looked down at her new patent leather Louboutin stiletto shoes and felt her passions stir as she imagined giving a heel job to her cute but arrogant new boss, - watching his precious male semen form a cascading pool on the flat top of their rounded toes; she would laugh at him giving him a parting "ballbusting" kick as the all powerful goddess, - for he would be her pathetic worshipping slave!
by Mike Martlet July 30, 2007

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