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2 definitions by Mike Doyle

The tastiest portion of the male anatomy.
I love the Man Cock!
by Mike Doyle April 06, 2003
A cross between the words heterosexual and homosexual. Straight men that display stereotypically blatant homosexual and feminine mannerisms, (i.e. the "lisp", the limp wrist, many girl-friends, and the use of obscene quantities of facial and hair products) but are a actually believed to be straight due to the lack of evidence to the contrary.
Full Word - Hetmosexual
"I think RP might be gay. Do you hear the way he talks its almost like hes a girl. And he takes longer then one in the bathroom getting ready"
"Nah, I think he likes chicks. He's just Hetmo."
by Mike Doyle February 17, 2006