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an honerable person that plays a wonderful wind or percussion instrument in the school band. bandgeeks are smart, honest, loyal, cool, and not given the respect they deserve. bandgeeks should be at the top of the school... way before jocks and cheerleaders. bandgeeks are kind and strong. they are the best.
"Bandgeeks sure know how to have fun"

"I'm a bandgeek 'cause I love you"
by Mikayle July 22, 2004
the greatest place on earth where smart bandgeeks go to have fun. IB is a torchering school program that many bandgeeks are in. band camp is an escape.
"I love going to band camp"
"It beats IB"
by Mikayle July 22, 2004
a word that was started by a middle aged algebra/geometry teacher, that became a big thing at brier terrace m.s. (a school in two ghetto towns, that flows into a ghetto high school)because of all the nerds and geeks, hahaha. it's a great word. meaning 'put up your testing shields so you can't cheat'
'Okay everyone, time for the monday test. barrierize'
by Mikayle July 22, 2004
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