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Holding in ur poop after a while ur poop becomes explosive and can destroy ur city
1. Hey Bob yesterday i succeeded to hold in for 10hours after that i had a Pooperbomb my butt was all red and brownish

by MigueI May 19, 2008
Ping Ping Palooza = Someone got a idea A VERY GOOD IDEA
1. PING PING PALOOZAAA lets make some babies! :)
by MigueI November 09, 2007
Good way having sex with ur girlfriend by putting ur ear in her vagina
1.Oh my god DAVE i eared me girlfriend today it felt good for her MY EAR WAS ALL WET!
by MigueI November 09, 2007
Alinerator means guy/girl likes Alien
1.Hell no ! im not gay bi lesbian im! Alinerator never heard of it?
by MigueI November 09, 2007
Some people can do many things with hes penis we call that SuperPenis
1.Look mom i got a SuperPenis i can use it as rope!

by MigueI November 09, 2007
1.People that like to sex with good english
Oooh yeaaa harder please u have to GrammarSex better now!!!
by MigueI November 09, 2007
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