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To administer a royal bumming...To open a can of whoopass on one's friend/nemesis/child...To give someone a jolly good thrashing at something, e.g. a computer game, or contact sport such as killing.
"You'd better not be trying to overtake me adey. I am the king of rollcage and I shall be making bum crumble if you aren't careful. you assmunch."

"Put that child down adey, you can't bring him with you or you'll get a fresh serving of bum crumble from that police officer"
by Mighty O May 14, 2008
A small (often personal) guff with such potency that it redefines one's outlook on life...a smell that breaks the boundary of anything you have ever created; calling into question one's perspective of everything.

This little trump is something even YOU cannot endure. To "set the standard" in a public place wouldn't just be social suicide...It would be a war crime.
"I've just set the standard" (said to already dead spouse)

It is rare for anyone alive to actually hear the phrase in it's correct context
by Mighty O May 16, 2008

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