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indie kids are usually white, middle-class 13-18 year olds that can't afford branded clothing so they turn to 'vintage' clothing htat is suposed to make them individuals even though they all dress the same ( crap chekkard converse, tight denim, a bright colourful t-shirt and a zipped hoodie that is about three sizes too small). Indie kids are basically the same as the new 'mods'.
Mods and indie kids are obsessed wiht badges of their fav. band or artist and stick them to their hoodies and school bags.

indie music is repetative crap that relies on one crap rif repeated over and over for three and a half minites while some 20-year-old twat whith a non-broken voice and no bollocks whales about his ugly, hippie girlfriend dumping him.

Screw you indie kids you greasy, sweaty, skety hippies.
indie kidJACOB .P from harrytown school PLEASE READ THE ABOVE
(soz about the spelling am dislexic and cba chcking evry word on google)
by Mighty Boosh hater July 17, 2008

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