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A mysterious being, whose identity and motives are unknown, who insists on scrawling on the bathroom walls in shit. The bathroom may be a public restroom, but is often a bathroom at an professional job.

His brown musings maybe actual words like "hello, hi, or turd" and yet are often fecal smearings with no discernable message.

Who are you shithouse phantom? And why have you selected this bathroom as your canvas?!?!
Hank: Yeah so me and the wife (upon opening bathroom door) HOLY FUCK The shithouse phantom is back again! Fuckin hell, Charlie, call maintanence would you?

Charlie: I mean really, who writes "hi" on the wall in shit?

Hank: The shithouse phantom, Charlie. The shithouse phantom.
by Mighty B October 26, 2006
The final point of remaining calm.
That bitch is on my last good nerve
by Mighty B July 22, 2003
A friend of your significant other who is part of a long list of reasons why you should break up with, or move out from said significant other.
Chelsi - I mean really, your boyfriend hangs out with that loser?

Tiffany - I know, he is such a reason #14
by Mighty B October 12, 2006
to purchase or participate in without question. Can be used as "all over that shit" as appropriate
Oh that sale at Payless Shoes? I was all over it.
by Mighty B July 22, 2003
Pronounced "Jennys". Genital Warts.
Don't fuck Stephanie, that bitch has the genis!
by Mighty B December 05, 2005
verb - to poop. You know...like poop.
Tiffany: Gee Miffy, you were gone for a while, did you have to timmer?

Miffy: Yeah. I so timmered.
by Mighty B October 24, 2006
Phoenitic pronunciation of genis. Genital Warts.
Don't fuck Stephanie, that bitch has the jennys!
by Mighty B February 22, 2006

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