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5 definitions by Miggly

Australian "Love account manager" and gold-digger who married into the Danish Royal Family in 2004. Known for using pointy-toed stillettoes to nail the balls of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (aka 'the Dumbling') to the walls of a share-house in Sydney, Australia, on their first date. Famous for crying on Denmark television as she recounted her love for her dead grandmother - before a reporter revealed he had found her letters in Mary's trash bin. The Danish Royal Family invented the 'post-nuptial agreement' as damage control in the wake of revelations about Mary's relatives, who include a convicted child rapist, Brendan Johncock.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, born plain Mary Donaldson in the boondocks of Tasmania, rose to fame, and then infamy, as the novelty of having a Nordic Imelda Marcos wore off and the Danish taxpayer revoted when she installed 20 bathrooms in the palace.
by Miggly December 27, 2006
Dropkick crown prince of Denmark, destined to destroy the Danish royal family, and infamous for selecting Mary Donaldson, an infamous bogan gold-digger and "circuit girl" for his bride - to the consternation (and amusement) of the Crowned Heads of Europe.
The Hasty Pudding was in some haste to marry down - and is regretting it all now at his leisure!
by Miggly May 04, 2008
Term coined by Jet lead singer Nic Cester to describe Mary Boganson, a.k.a. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, a notorious aussie/eurotrash groupie and Posh Spice lookalike whom he met in a Copenhagen hotel while on tour.
Hey, she's a woman-foxxy-woman and I'm single!
by Miggly December 07, 2006
invented by the royal family of Denmark in 2006 as an insurance policy against the greedy spendthrift Crown Princess Mary. The agreement supplants the prenup signed by Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, removing from the "princess" the right to occupy one of the family's fabled palaces.
Crown Princess Mary's family, the Boganson tribe of Hobart, are devastated by the news of the post-nuptial agreement - it sets back their designs on the contents of the Danish treasury...
by Miggly December 04, 2006
Stumpy loser euro-royal who tried to hang out with Snoop Dogg in Copenhagen and got booted so more chicks would fit in the venue. Tried to bribe his way back into Snoop Dogg's circle by getting Danish security police to release Dogg's bag of weed. Also known for meekly following his butch wife, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, around shopping centres, shopping for kids clothes.
There he was, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, a man who should have had the world at his feet, trailing around with his bogan nieces and nephews in the boondocks of Hobart.
by Miggly December 03, 2006