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A dickaration is the equivalent of a decoration and it has the same concept as well. You can look but you cannot touch. This is what we call a dickaration.
Michael: Hey buddy, have you seen the new chick that got hired yet?
Mical: No, what does it matter to you anyway? She is just another dickaration around the office.
by Miggity Mack December 22, 2011
What occurs after you eat Chipotle. The act of vomiting perfusely through the asshole after devouring a Chipotle Mexican Burrito.
Me: Bro whats wrong with you today?

Mike: I am suffering from Post Chipotle Syndrome (PCS) today dude, why do you have to call me out like that? I have the toilet ring imprinted on my ass cheeks dude.

Me: Enough said man.

Mike: Yeah...brb.
by Miggity Mack May 12, 2011
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