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Best drink ever!! made in Peru of course. It is a yellow, sweet, refreshing drink created around the 1900's by Mr. José R. Lindley. It's part of peruvian history and pride.
Tastes way better than any other coke, that's for sure.
Inka Cola, la bebida del Peru
"Can't wait to go back to Peru and have some iced inka Cola with my ceviche..."
by Midori-chan March 15, 2006
Chicha is a beer made from corn that is widely enjoyed in Central and South America. It is a beverage that is often consumed while still fermenting and low in alcohol. It may be left to ferment out, thereby yielding a strong, dry, chicha, but this is not chicha's traditional form. It is generally slightly sour from lactobacillus bacteria introduced during a spontaneous ferment. Chicha may also be spiced with almost anything, or fruit may be added to the ferment or at the time of serving. Traditionally, the fruit used is strawberry and this is called frutillada. Traditionally, all phases of the production of chicha were performed by women, and this is largely true today.
"That stuff was really sour!" --Biggus Dirkus
"We're saving the second bottle." --Julie of Stein Fillers
"I liked it better than pLambic." --John Palmer
"The pleasure is all yours!!" --Dion "El Presidente" Hollenbeck
"ta' mare dame una chicha pa poner esto serio!" -- Adriana
by Midori-chan March 15, 2006

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