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Pronounced: Case-Ah-Dill-Ah
Originating from the spanish word for a food, a quesadilla is a flour tortilla folded in half around a savory filling, as of cheese or beans, then fried or toasted. Many middle-americans and Caucasians adopted this way of pronoucing the the word quesadilla (pronounced Kas-Ah-Dee-Ah) through simple ignorance and by having no exposure to any other cultures besides their own. This was one of the most famous words spoken by the white, small town, redneck grandmother in the movie Napoleon Dynamite
From Napoleon Dynamite:
"Grandma there's no food"
"Make yourself a dang casadilla!"
by Midol Girl February 09, 2006
Originally used to describe a person whose beliefs and behavior are based on feminism (the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes and the movement organized around this belief) but now has very varied and contradicting meanings. A feminist is more commonly used inaccurately as a term for a man-hater or female who sees herself as superior for having a vagina. Also used to describe a female who is outspoken and opinionated in regards to issues related to being pro-choice and gay-positive. Many sexually liberated celebrities such as Charlie's Angel's and The Spice Girls as well as shows such as Sex And The City claimed to be projecting a feminist image which stirred up controversy among many women who saw themselves as feminists but did not agree with the promiscuous and seemingly slutty direction the "new feminism" was headed in. Due to this "sexual liberation" many women who once called themselves feminists no longer do in fear that they would be seen as a) hating all men or b) sluts
"That feminist chick just won't shut-up about her stupid need for equal rights."

"You don't want to wear a dress because it's too slutty? You are such a feminist."

"You should totally wear that slutty dress, it shows that you are a feminist."
by Midol Girl February 09, 2006

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