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The context of a conversation spoken amongst two or more males, usually discussing their mates.
Earl: Bro, she's there in your heart

Julian: Pssh yea right foo' >.>

Earl: Lol, imma go tell her u said that, she's gonna beat your ass >:D

Julian: Dude you're totally taking that out of cocktext -_-"

by Midnight Ebony April 02, 2009
Pornography starring Black actors/actresses who speak in a ghetto slang also known as Ebonics
G-reg: Lmfao, you kids and your internet ebonica

EThug: Rofl black pronz FTW

G-reg: Ebonics*...lol -_-"

EThug: Erotica + Ebonics XD
by Midnight Ebony April 08, 2009

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