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What a young woman embarks on when she breaks up with her significant other in order to "find herself." Most commonly occurs in young women ages 24-26, inclusive to most Western cultures.
me: So where's Ashley, I haven't seen her around lately?

Buddy/Ashley's ex-bf: Oh, yea...she randomly decided that she wanted to quit her job, break up with me, and wander around Europe for a few months to find herself after her 25th birthday.

me: Hooray for spirit walks.
by Middle Child September 14, 2010
Flirting with another person by way of online chat
I started chirting with Jackie when work got too boring.
by Middle Child July 07, 2009
Someone that engages in excessive chat flirting (see: Chirting) to the point that they become a chat whore.

Can be comprised of a combination of chat flirting on several IM applications running simultaneously (Gchat, Yahoo!, Facebook) or just several online chat flirts running in the same application.
Me: I just found my ex-GF from high school on Facebook, she's online so I'm chirting with her now. I'm also IMing the new temp that just started on my floor, we may hang out this weekend.

Friend: Wow. You're such a chore.
by Middle Child January 25, 2010
When you feel like you need to poop but only farts come out when you sit down to do your business. Your poo has "juked" you out, like the L/R-trigger move in Madden or an ankle-breaking crossover by CP3.
Me: "Damn, I thought that I had to take a dump, but when I sat down all that came out were farts..."

Friend: "I hate getting poo-juked, it takes half the fun out of pooping."
by Middle Child July 20, 2012
The (in)ability to influence people into action using a simple "sup?" text. While this typically refers to attempted bootycalls, it can also apply to the effectiveness in rallying lazy friends to do something with you.
Chris: Wait, you went over to her place at 3 AM last night?!

Me: Ya, man...I was already sleeping, too, but you know...

Chris: Damn, her 'Sup Game is on point.
by Middle Child July 30, 2014

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