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A person who frequents notorious gay-sex meeting sites such as public toilets, adult arcades, roadside comfort stops, etc.
Jon: "Every time I see Tony, he's going into a public restroom. He must have a kidney problem, or something".
Rick: "Girl, you must be the only one in town who doesn't know Tony is a beat queen! God, you can't keep him away!"
by MickinVic May 16, 2009
A "Bitter, Twisted Old Queen" - an acronym for an older homosexual who is disillusioned with the whole "gay scene" and who, therefore, has become cynical and critical of gays in general. This type of person is, usually, involutarily single.
Jeff: "My gawd, what is the DEAL with cranky old Ben??"

Jon: "Oh, he's your typical BTOQ - spent his younger years whoring around and then when he got old and ugly, couldnt find anyone who wanted to settle down with him.."
by MickinVic May 17, 2009
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