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Sicki "Suitcase" Menage-a-trois AKA Nicki Minaj:

- A pathetic excuse for a rapper.

- A Lil Kim wannabe.

- Known for her fake fat ass

- Rose to fame dissing other female artists.

- A liar who lied about her age, her sexual orientation and basically her whole life. She is bipolar.

- She can't rap to save her life.

- Most of her fanbase consists of pop fans most notably little girls on their period who call themselves Barbz and boys who are Perez Hilton look-a-likes and wear lip gloss.

- A sell-out.

- A swagger jacker.

- A whore.

- A female version of Lil Wayne (OMG)

- She had a sex change, previously known as Nicholas Maraj or her nickname Ricky Mirage.
Youz a Lil Kim wannabe you just hate to admit it.

Jane: OMG Lil Kim just destroyed that wannabe rapper, Nicki
Trina: Yeah, she murdered her! R.I.P Nicki

Nicki Minaj: Boy you got that Boom boom boom....
Me: STFU!! *throws suitcase at Icki's ugly face*
by MickieFan August 14, 2011
Still the QUEEN OF RAP!! Ms G.O.A.T and a living legend in the rap game. Talentless, fake bitches wanna be her so bad even in 2011 *cough* Nicki Minaj *cough*

No album, no single she still draws them out.

For Lil Kim wannabes see: Nicki Minaj
Example 1:

Kevin: Did you hear how the Queen of Rap killed that fake bitch Nicki on Black Friday?
Tammy: Yes, she got annihilated. Kim is still that bitch.

Example 2:

Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you best take heed.
by MickieFan August 14, 2011

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