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25 definitions by Mickey

Well,you can believe what ever you want about the jellys....just b/c someone snaps it of does't mean you have to...nobodys making you believe in them!!
At my highschool we just joke around about it..if someone snaps it of we are all like oh yea we will soooo do that tonight..doesn't mean we are going to.
I wear them all the time, it is just sorta a cool thing now. It is funn to just joke around about it....If someone wants to use the meanings that is there business and you should not critisize them about it. They just wanna have fun.
So about back to the thing about beleiving in them or not....jus b/c little kids were them does not mean that they have to go along with what people think the def. is.....
I don't think that little kids should know about the meanings
my b.f's little sister:
" I have seen those bracelets before, the green one means: outdoor "S"
and the purple one means: anal"
*I tryed not to laugh
Her mom got pissed off...and now they are banned from her school....
by Mickey October 09, 2004
A really cracking band from Stoke on trent. They have toured with The Music The Other The Coral Kasabian etc. Go on thier website irs www.agent-blue.co.uk
"Wow that band rock, what did you say they were called?"
by Mickey April 21, 2005
Defecating on a woman while having anal sex with another
Who's up for some Super Hot Mustard Gratuna! Don't forget the Beano!
by Mickey December 04, 2003
A person who cannot let anything go by. They always have to answer back in a condesending way. These are usually people who are higher in the academic world than their peers and they use their knowledge in a mean way.
"He had to say that just to be a clever trousers. Who cares if pigs don't really sweat that much?"
by mickey November 23, 2004
North Irish colloquialism for policeman
The snouts took him
by Mickey June 11, 2003
Washed/6 Up/2
That kids 62 he cant even walk! Done With Agravating Drunk Wasted
by Mickey May 26, 2003
see wewt.
wewt. im wooting
by Mickey May 23, 2004