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(n) a form of torture used in the vietnam war, that involves fillin a womens vagina with broken glass, stiching it up, and making her jog for miles.
Nam vet, "I remember some of the sick stuff thoes gooks used to do. I remember this thing they did called sampolk torture. Nasty stuff."
by Mickey Brown March 05, 2007
When one person is recieving oral sex, and the tooth of the other person scratches their genitalia.
Guy1, "How was your date with Cindy last night?"

Guy2, "Great...Until she gave me a wadsworthian snaggletooth."
by Mickey Brown March 08, 2007
(n)a person that deficates in their own home.

see farv
Husband, "I work my ass off all day so we wont have to move to some run down ghetto with a bunch of farvers!"
by Mickey Brown March 05, 2007
A ritual where a women stiches up her vagina and seals an object inside.
Mother, "Clean your room now!"

Child, "I dont wanna!"

Mother,"Do you want me to ship all your stuff to asia and put them in a sampolk?"

Child, "NO!"
by Mickey Brown March 05, 2007
Not to be confused with wikiality! When the victors of a wikiwar ban the oposing group members for vandalism (which they did not commit.) A sort of play off of the word fatality.

"you are baned indefinetly."

"That was the worst wikitality i have ever seen!"
by mickey brown February 15, 2007
(v) to deficate in ones own home.

see farver
wasted guy at party, "where is the bathroom?"

other guy,"no idea man..."

wasted guy, "im bout to farv!"
by Mickey Brown March 05, 2007
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