26 definitions by Mickey Brown

(n) your e-dentity is your identity on the internet.
"dude fred, whats your e-dentity on urban dictionary?"

by mickey brown March 05, 2007
A racist person who trolls myspace sending rascist messages to myspacers of color.
"some myspacist sent me a rascist message about me needing to leave the country. Best check yo self."
by mickey brown February 15, 2007
Similiar to saying fuck off or damn it. Swap the first letter of each word to understand the root phrase.
guy who messes up a machine part at work, "DUCK FONKIES!"
by mickey brown March 08, 2007
(n)a red neck, farm boy, or suburban kid.
"your a cow tippin pig kickin son of a bitch."

"just cuz i grew up on a farm dont mean im a pig kicker."

"i didnt even know you grew up on a farm."
by mickey brown March 05, 2007
(v) to listen to limp bizkit.
"are you limpin with the bizkit?"
"yeah. its just one of them days."
by mickey brown March 05, 2007
(n) punk rockers that are almost always getting wasted. Mostly college kids from the 90's.
Bowling for soup are a bunch of punk rockers. sum 41 are krunk rockers.
by Mickey Brown March 05, 2007
When one person is recieving oral sex, and the tooth of the other person scratches their genitalia.
Guy1, "How was your date with Cindy last night?"

Guy2, "Great...Until she gave me a wadsworthian snaggletooth."
by Mickey Brown March 08, 2007

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