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A very confusing game. Ironically, seeming to be devoid of any clear rules. Playes run around an oval field in any possible direction, kicking and passing the ball where-ever they feel the need. On the plus side, the players seem to have a good time as they are often laughing during play.
pub guy#1-"Have you ever watched Aussie Rules football?"
pub guy#2-"Haha ha ha haha ha ha....yeah good one mate!"
by Mick the Mouth May 26, 2008
An icecream eating, underpants wearing, cookie-cutting home-body. Normally residing in suburban six packs. Sometimes referred to in Australian terms as a Jason
"you commin out tonite home slice?"
"na can't tonite... i have to vacuum my tilled floor"

by Mick the Mouth May 26, 2008

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