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Yellow, disc-shaped deposits of frozen dog piss that accumulate on porches and decks during the winter months.
Since it was his idea to get a dog, Dale is responsible for removing the lemon ice that forms when Rover pees on the front porch.
#piss #dog #lemon #ice #vanilla ice
by Mick McKormick January 22, 2007
Two pimps fighting over a ho.
Tyron accused Grady of stealing his bitch. One grabbed her feet, and the other grabbed her by the hair. A tug-o-whore ensued.
#ho #whore #slut #pross #pimp
by Mick McKormick January 22, 2007
Parasites, ie worms, discharged from the rectum.
A few weeks after returning from Cambodia, David noticed a large concentration of ass noodles in his bowel movements. This is because he was a dumbass and drank the water in that country.
#ass noodles #worms #parasites #anal discharge #shit
by Mick McKormick January 22, 2007
The white, powdery substance that is released upon striking a cocaine addict in the nose with one's fist.
"Dude, if you punched my dad in the face, there'd be enough nasal snow for a couple good lines. He's such a coke head."
#cocaine #coke #blow #yao #moon sugar
by Mick McKormick January 22, 2007
Rolled-up dollar bill with telltale white coke residue.
Nearly every 20-dollar bill in Las Vegas has cocaine residue on it. This is because they have been used to pay for coke and/or rolled into a sugar straw.
#sugar straw #pixie stick #moon sugar #blow #coke
by Mick McKormick January 22, 2007
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