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in possesion of or having a large bum
I wasn't keen on the idea of a blind date, but my sister assured me that Heather had a good job and was junkdefied.
by Mick Dixon January 14, 2006
A wine purse, often carried by foppish wine enthusiasts.
Larry commanded the room, his magnificant leather wurse glistening with its coat of fresh mink oil. "Gentlemen, I have, in my wurse, a 68' Rothchild. It is, nothing short, of splendid.
by Mick Dixon February 07, 2006
big, juicy ass, junkdefied

Girl, I had a hard day. Lay some of yo
tagliatelle on me
by Mick Dixon January 14, 2006
An extremely large or bulbous head.
I tried, in vain, to buy my girlfriend a new hat for her birthday. Apparently hats do not come in size U or Ukraniam.
by Mick Dixon January 18, 2006

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