58 definitions by Mick

usually white,male,red neck.
Man all those people at the Kentucky Headhunkers concernt are huckle bucks.
(or just "huckles" for short)
by Mick October 29, 2003
small townie like object, often referred to as s0ck
by Mick May 20, 2003
A maladjusted house cat.

Evolved from booger, used as an affectionate insult.
The woogie knocked over his water bowl again.
by Mick November 11, 2004
a mentally retarded person
Look at that noobie, he's such a funone!
by Mick January 09, 2004
A so-called institute of learning. Basically a place to go for people who don't want to work but aren't smart enough to attend a real university. Densely populated by GAA heads and the like.
Fuck it mammy, i didn't get into queen's, i suppose i'll have to go to j town instead.
by Mick April 18, 2005
To purposely do sweet F A, fill in time, drag out a day at work.
lets jus mange,
What are yous doin? jus mangin'
by Mick June 15, 2006
A person (usually a girl) with a: hot ass, ugly face
Damn, she looked fine. But when she turned around, I was dissappointed to she that she was a HAUF.
by mick November 20, 2004

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