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58 definitions by Mick

An offensive name for a little person or a dwarf.
Oh he's 2 feet tall, he's a circus midget!
by Mick October 20, 2005
Any wheeled vehicle flying two or more flags. These are often driven by people who, regardless of their background or socioeconomic level, can justly be termed "hicks".

After September 11, some Americans adorned their cars with little flags that affixed to the windows, thus announcing to the highway world the full force and vigor of their Patriotism, which is truer and better than yours. In fact, the flags made them look like the motorcade in the Zapruder film -- whence the term -- and a week or two later the highways were strewn with tattered, broken, muddy, and multiply run-over dime-store degradations of Old Glory that, scientists agree, reflect more accurately the current state of national affairs.

These fools can still be seen today. They are Americans, and far more patriotic than you could ever be; you are the enemy. After all -- how many flags are on *your* car?
gah, another fuckin' motorcade! grab dash yo
by Mick December 27, 2004
A sport where you throw weird shaped balls, make stupid plays, and score lame touchdowns.
That fat man was watching the foolball game last sunday.
by Mick January 05, 2005
Originated by Yours Truly. Its a another way of saying "Good Bye."
All right, i'm out cos, later daze.

It's getting late, i should be heading out; Later Daze.
by Mick October 23, 2003
The Asian Pimp of Melbourne
Damn... Jstyle is pimpin those Bitch's again.
by Mick September 03, 2003
An Australian term for someone who is a champ, good looking or pulls lots of roots. Usually only used for males.
Man Hallzie, your so Hallzie!
by Mick March 06, 2008
to drop a shit, hang a terd.
Glenn was watching German porn and the man lay mud on the womens cheast
by mick June 08, 2004